Design Challenges Kicked Off Today!!


IMG_5520Hi there.

So, the design challenges kicked off today!!! Please see my previous post if you missed out on the details. Please remember, its never to late to join and there are absolutely no rules. If it inspires you to create, its enough.

Just to remind you I started off my 365 day motif challenge with a class on CreativeBug, Daily Drawing Challenge: 31 Pattern Motifs with Courtney Cerruti. Today the challenge was to create stripes. I love working with watercolor, so I used this in both my challenges today. I wont be posting my daily motifs on the blog, but on Instagram. Be sure to follow me: @cotton_andlove

My garment design inspiration comes from a task I need to complete for my BFA Fashion Degree. The brief is to design 10 garments inspired by a specific period, so I chose the Rococo period. I love the inspiration I am getting from this, because I am really a flower and bow kind of girl 🙂 I love to incorporate these feminine elements into modern, but classic designs like I did in this coat.

I will be featuring my garment designs, pattern repeats and sewing projects on the blog.


Can’t wait to see your designs on Instagram!!